Carrying on the legacy

Astrid Hansen is the fourth generation of her family to handcraft and sell her jewellery in the Bernhard Hansen Gullsmed (goldsmith) in Stavanger.

The small shop and workshop, which is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year,

specialises in individually designed and handmade jewellery.

Founded by Astrid Hansen’s great grandfather Bernhard Hansen in 1906,

Bernhard Hansen Gullsmed has preserved the original art of jewellery making.

Known for its small intimate boutique and individually designed jewellery, Carrying on the legacy

the goldsmith is today owned and run by Astrid Hansen.

The 44-yearold took over the shop and workshop in 1999,

but even though she is part of a long tradition of jewellery making,

Carrying on the legacy her designs are her own.

“My designs are not at all like those of my ancestors.

I would say that the style is classic with a twist of something new.

says Hansen, who is For more information,

please visit: a certified diamond specialist from IdarOberstein.

Having trained in Copenhagen, Hansen today makes all her jewellery in the same small workshop that her dad,

grandad and great-grandad worked in.

“All of my designs that we sell here are designed and made in the workshop.

Every item is a unique piece that goes directly from the sketch to the customer,”

stresses Hansen.

She creates much of her jewellery for individual customers and enjoys the creative variety and freedom in this type of work.

“If I’m making something for a certain customer that I’ve met, this will influence how the jewellery will look in the end.

My main goal is to create something that I would have liked to wear myself and which enhances the personality of the person who is going to wear it

it has be something that tells a story about them.

The great thing about making one-toone jewellery,

is that it doesn’t have to be mainstream.

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