Moss’ very own full-service creative agency

Though small, Sandaunet Design Agency is a full-service firm with broad expertise in design, digital communication, advertising, and photography.

With the ambition to create ideas and concepts that engage, attract attention, and help create business,

Moss’ very own the Norwegian company engages in any project with great enthusiasm and creativity.

“We are small in size but have a wide network of skilled partners we work closely with, because nobody can be best at everything.

This way, we have access to expertise in every aspect, making sure we handpick the best suitable competence for each project,”

Moss’ very own says CEO, photographer and graphic designer Lene Stamnes Sandaunet.

She established the agency in Oslo in 2008 and moved the growing business to the nearby town Moss five years ago.

Sandaunet notices a great advantage of being located outside of the capital, while still only 40 minutes away by car.

“Even though our main focus is quality, we are also competitive compared to Oslo-based design agencies in terms of price,” says Sandaunet.

Sandaunet Design Agency knows the importance of good marketing and branding.

Working on developing creative concepts and building comprehensive visual profiles for both small and large companies,

the agency has a broad range of clients in its portfolio.

With an in-house photographer and studio,

Sandaunet also sees the benefit when it comes to efficiency across multiple purposes.

“We help our clients every step of the way, and our aim is to guide them in the right direction for their brand,

whether that is how to stand out,

what social channels to use, or how to gain more visibility online.”

A new focus is on helping businesses to cope with the new general data protection regulation, GDPR, commencing in July.

“We talk a lot about how to maintain the privacy of employees and customers,

but how the contacts are stored is important.

If you do nothing, or store the assets the wrong way, you might lose all your contacts lists. Some companies have large contacts lists of up to 100,000 entries,

which they use, for instance, to send newsletters to,

and they now need to get permission to use those,” Sandaunet explains.

“We have created a package for our clients to collect and store consent for these contacts according to the law.”

Recently, the design agency completed an exciting branding project for the cultural arena in Moss.

“By creating a brand-new profile for Moss Kulturhus,

we want the locals to discover the arena while utilising the many cultural opportunities available,” says Sandaunet.

“The logo will work for the cultural city of Moss as a whole, to help maintain the city’s position as one of the best cultural municipalities in Norway.

The style reflects the people living here: vibrant and diverse.”

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