Out of the ordinary

Playful, curious and creative design is at the core of Garp Design,

aiming to challenge existing beliefs when it comes to conceptual design and visual communication.

This is displayed through award-winning stands,

impressive exhibitions and innovative design.

The name of Garp Design, based in Haugesund on the west coast of Norway, was not a coincidence.

The word ‘garp’ derives from Norse mythology and the word ‘garpr’,

which means ‘fearless’ or ‘tough fellow’.

“In our region, ‘garp’ is used for describing a mischievous, cheeky youngster.

When we established the new name of the company after some changes in 2014,

we felt that the word described who we are and the work we do being very serious,

but also curious, playful, pushing boundaries and challenging established truths,” says general manager Anne Grete Müller.

The essence in their philosophy has been useful in their innovation process and has resulted in a large network of loyal customers.

“The best compliment we can get is when a client returns year after year, or recommends us to others.

It speaks volumes about their satisfaction both with the process and the final product.” Out of the ordinary

Expo expertise

With a strong liking for three-dimensional and spatial design,

Garp Design has developed a unique expertise in the expo field.

“Our core expertise is in stand design, trade fairs and exhibitions, always with a playful, creative approach.

We work with clients based on their needs, market and budget.

The final product presents the concept and message they want to convey in the best possible way,” Out of the ordinary explains Müller.

Some of Garp Design’s most impressive stands include elements of modern innovation,

with games and interactive screens, complex light installations and unique design solutions.

Their biggest project to date has been designing the permanent exhibition at Røvær Havbrukssenter.

The local attraction – a learning centre for children, adolescents and tourists – opened at the beginning of May.

“It was important for the exhibition to be thorough and educational in order to reach its target audience.

We have received feedback from teachers who look forward to using the centre in their teaching,” says Müller

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