Richard Marcus, Casino Table Game Protection Consultant and Trainer, chats to Peter White

now a thoroughly respectable game-security specialist.

although he is skeptical of some of the purported technical improvements, such as biometric recognition.

This experience enables Marcus to put his casino clients inside the mind of a cheater. Unlike many casinos,

Marcus makes clear-cut distinctions between cheats, card counters and edge sorters.

His views make interesting reading and, indeed, he has put them into a book: American Roulette.

Marcus may be reformed but he is unrepentant,

Gambling was more of a draw than schoolwork, so he dropped out and started playing the ponies.

Could we commence this interview with a brief history of you and how your journey

has taken you to becoming a highly regarded International Casino Table Game Protection Consultant and Trainer?

Being a game protection trainer was an even bigger surprise to me than becoming a professional casino cheat!

which chronicled my 25-year career cheating casinos all over the world.

Then I was asked by Willy Allison to be the lead speaker at

the 2007 World Game Protection Conference, which I did.

addressed by a real professional casino cheat, and while I was there,

What makes you, as an ex-professional casino cheat, different from other game protection training consultants?

The biggest difference is just that: my having been a highly skilled international casino cheat.

I can teach how casino cheats communicate amongst themselves while engaged in their cheating operation.

would afford a much higher chance of catching on to these sophisticated cheats before it’s too late.

Virtually all professional scams are discovered after the fact, after the money has been lost to the cheats.

The other training consultants do not have this knowledge and experience because they’ve never done it.

conned the casinos into altering the deal of the game for them to be able to do the edgesorting. That is what makes it cheating in my opinion.

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