Connan Mockasin

The opening thirty seconds of this record is enough to clarify that the
occasional electro-harp-wielding

New Zealand troubadour Connan Mockasin possesses all the armoury required to become an underground cult sensation;

he is not your everyday, over-glossed singer-songwriter. As time ticks by
and the digitised track counter increases,

it becomes more and more apparent that he is not one for penning straightforward three minute psychedelic-flavoured sixties pop songs,

nor is he one that immerses himself fully in obscure avant-garde thinking. Instead what he does is place one foot firmly in each sphere,

his hands grabbing handfuls of their roots and weaving them into peculiarly pleasant bundles of sound.

Unconventional and with a distinctive habit of sounding unique, Connan
Mockasin’s music will leave an impression on all who hear it.

If only there were more tracks on here like ‘Empathy’, which takes a simple, hip-hop, 4/4 beat and adds the kind of shimmering synth loop that makes Timberland the King Midas of production that he is. In its current climate it’s a unique glimpse of Crystal Castles’ potential indeed.

But what ‘Crystal Castles’ boils down to is 3 definite highlights that, if matched, would have meant that Ethan Kath and Alice Glass could have stropped around for another year, forgiven

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