Chrome Hoof

bands’ PRs) speak glibly of taking the listener on a ‘musical journey’
(for which, read ‘a few different styles and a bit of weird shit’).Hoof

‘Crush Depth’, however, has a justifiable and unpretentious claim
to do just that. From the outset,

you’re plunged into a nightmarish whirlpool of noise and voices.

Like the soundtrack to a vaguely disturbing sci-fi film, the music
leaps and lurches, wibbles and rocks, shrieks and slashes.

There are extended instrumental passages,

flabby and proggy; sharp vocal stabs and sections of brain-shaking sonic chaos.

It’s theatrical stuff. While the length is oppressive and almost
smothering, at its conclusion,

you half expect the band to remove their grotesque musical masks and reveal coyly knowing, laughing faces, but it never happens.

Chrome Hoof, it seems, are deadly

This middle way between oversimplicity and over-indulgence “was a
conscious choice from the very beginning, with the very first band,” says Ripley “because when you have musicians who can’t play instruments, you have to play, well, we played one chord songs.

The idea of repetition and trance we’re very conscious of, but we’re approaching from a rock perspective because we’re all rock‘n’rollers.

It’s very reductive. When you hear some stuff where the drummers just don’t stop, like constantly playing fills and there are all these other things happening… we purposefully got rid of that because in a way we just
found it more powerful.

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